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The 11 Best Electronic Lock Singapore Brands

In the realm of modern smart homes, the quintessential door lock has transcended from its mechanical constraints into a world of digital sophistication. With Singapore being at the forefront of smart technology, it comes as no surprise that the electronic lock Singapore market is booming in the Lion City. However, with a plethora of options available, it is essential to weigh the features, reliability, and security these electronic locks offer.

Unveiling the top Singaporean brands for electronic locks, we’re exploring the 11 best keyless entry solutions that ensure the safety and convenience of your home.

1. Yale

Straight from the annals of trusted security solutions, Yale is a name synonymous with cutting-edge locking mechanisms. Their electronic locks are no exception and are highly sought after for their robust security features and easy integration with smart home systems.

Key Features:

  • PIN code and fingerprint access
  • Integration with home automation systems
  • Tamper alarms and weather-resistant durability

2. Samsung Digital Lock

Bringing forth a dash of Korean innovation to Singapore, Samsung Digital Lock asserts unparalleled strength in the field of digital locking technology. Their sleek designs complement a powerhouse of smart features.

Key Features:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity for remote access
  • One-touch biometric verification
  • Mobile app compatibility for versatile access

3. Schlage

Schlage marries the aesthetics of European design with American technology, delivering a range of smart locks that exude elegance without compromising on function. Their locks are celebrated for their seamless blend of security and modern living.

Key Features:

  • Built-in alarm technology
  • Z-Wave and Zigbee compatibility for smart home connectivity
  • Capacitive touchscreen for a sophisticated user interface


A local contender in the electronic lock domain, EPIC boasts a series of smart locks that are meticulously engineered to the stringent security standards required for buildings in Singapore. Their emphasis lies in user management and convenience.

Key Features:

  • RFID access and mobile key compatibility
  • Time-sensitive access codes
  • Dedicated mobile app for user management

5. Gateman

Heralding from the technology-savvy nation of South Korea, Gateman takes pride in its lineup of door locks that not only confound intruders but also impress homeowners with their intelligent features.

Key Features:

  • Multi-level security code settings
  • Anti-panic safety feature
  • Automatic and manual lock modes for flexibility

6. Kaadas

Kaadas is a company that consistently delivers on both form and function with their electronic locks. Their products are known for their innovative designs and versatility, offering customization to match various home setups.

Key Features:

  • Mechanical key override system
  • Temporary PIN codes for visitors
  • Voice guidance system for a user-friendly experience

7. Loghome

Loghome is a brand that puts a premium on simplicity and reliability. Their range covers a broad spectrum of electronic locks, ensuring there’s a model for every homeowner, whether they’re tech-savvy or not.

Key Features:

  • Built-in fire detection system
  • Double-lock safety feature
  • User-friendly pin and card access options

8. Philips

Philips is not just a household name in lighting; the brand has also ventured into the realm of digital locks. Philips digital locks are known for their intuitive designs and user-friendly interfaces that cater to the digital desires of the modern homeowner.

Key Features:

  • One-touch fingerprint access
  • Voice-guided programming
  • Multiple access methods for convenience

9. igloohome

One of the newer kids on the block, igloohome has quickly made a name for itself with its innovative approach to smart locks. Their locks do not require Wi-Fi to function, which sets them apart in the market.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth functionality for keyless access
  • Algo-PIN technology for secure access codes
  • Access grant and duration control via the mobile app

10. Mul-T-Lock

With a stronghold in high security, Mul-T-Lock’s range of digital locks is no different. Consisting of models that are certified by international standards, their locks are the epitome of a robust home security system.

Key Features:

  • Interactive code technology for enhanced security
  • Automatic locking feature
  • Multipoint locking system for maximum security

11. Hafele

Hafele’s expertise in furniture fittings is extended to their electronic locking systems, which are designed with the user’s experience in mind. Their range ensures that personal security is taken care of without any compromise on convenience.

Key Features:

  • Pivot and swing doors compatible
  • Simple programming via keypad
  • Emergency opening with mechanical override

Investing in a quality electronic lock is not just for convenience but also for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is secure. These 11 brands from Singapore cater to the diverse needs of homeowners, ensuring that when it comes to smart security, one size does not fit all. So, be sure to thoroughly research and choose the electronic lock that best suits your home and lifestyle needs. With these top brands in Singapore, you can rest easy knowing your home is protected by cutting-edge technology. Stay secure, stay smart!

Additional Tips for Choosing an Electronic Lock

Now that you know the top brands for electronic locks in Singapore, here are some additional tips to keep in mind while making your final decision:

  • Consider the type of door you have; not all electronic locks are compatible with all types of doors.
  • Look for features that cater to your specific needs, such as remote access or temporary codes.
  • Check for battery life and backup options in case of power outages.
  • Research the compatibility of the lock with other smart home systems you may already have or plan to install in the future.
  • Consider the design and aesthetics of the lock to ensure it fits seamlessly into your home’s overall look. Remember, functionality doesn’t have to compromise on style!

With these tips and top brands in mind, you’re now equipped to choose the perfect electronic lock for your home. Upgrade your home security with these state-of-the-art locks and experience the convenience, peace of mind, and advanced technology that they have to offer. So go ahead, make your choice and take the first step towards a smarter, more secure home.

Happy locking! Happy living!  Remember, it’s never too late to prioritize your home security with electronic locks. Explore these top brands in Singapore and choose the one that best suits your needs for a blend of security and modern living.

Keep your home safe and stay ahead with technology – because when it comes to protecting your loved ones and belongings, there’s no such thing as too much security. So take the leap and upgrade to an electronic lock today! Your future self will thank you for it.

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